Studios meublés : 5-7 rue Rougefontaine 6790 Aubange +32 494 285 195


Provisions for charges include heating, electricity, water, cable television, fire insurance, for studio and common space. No action to be performed. Everything is ready to welcome you upon your arrival.

Each studio has its own electric meter. Each radiator is equipped with digital calorimeter that lets you know your exact use of heating. At your departure or once a year, a statement of charges is made based on your actual electricity consumption and heating. You are refunded if you overpaid or supplement prompted otherwise.


No salary slip required. Only two months rent with charges required as guarantee.

7_2 : rent 500 € + 120 € charges

Ground floor

1 single bed and 1 closed bed

Free directly

7_4 : rent 500 € + 120 € charges

First floor

1 single bed

Free directly

7_3 : rent 520 € + 120 € charges

First floor

1 single bed (1 bed in a drawer)

Free 01/04/15

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